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But What can I do for Gaza? I'm so far away

This question comes up a lot these days: 

What can I do to help the people facing genocide in Gaza and the West Bank?

Most of us are far from the violence and can’t contribute directly and so we don’t take any action at all.

I watched a great talk recently by 5Pillars on Youtube (watch it below). The brothers were discussing the issues going on in Palestine.

Brother Sami Hamdi said something profound and important: you do have a choice in the striving.

Watch that 1 minute clip below:

Watch the entire talk by Sami Hamdi below starting at 2:41:20 (I recommend it)

This is the entire broadcast on Youtube:

If you can make Youtube videos, make videos. If you can write, write. If you can bring people together, bring them together. If you can run a space, run a space. If you can feed the homeless in your city, feed them. If you can go to your local government and talk to your local representatives and ask them to support a non-violent end to this conflict, do that. If you can only give hugs and blessings at the hospital for people in your city, then do it. If all you can do is pray an extra prayer, do that.

The key is to spread goodness. Spread it by using whatever skills allah let you build in this Dunya. Giving back your talents in service to others is part of the test while you are here.

You might be thinking, but wait.. what can I do to help Palestinian brothers and sisters specifically? The thing is, if you can through donations or spreading truth about the injustices or whatever, thats great, but you are very limited in those specific contributions.

But there is something else you might have forgotten. Whatever goodness you can do, it all accumulates in the fight against evil. It balances the universal global scale of good vs evil. This scale knows no borders. It doesn’t even know time. Hatred, Anger, Sadness, Distraction, Depression tilts the scale in the other direction. Performing goodness in the name of Allah tilts in the positive direction.

You might think that an extra prayer on the mat far from their suffering doesn’t make a difference. Let me tell you it does. Allah sees it all. He wants us to all come together. He wants us to pray, to give, to share and care. Not just to other Muslims, but to everyone. That’s the game we are here to play.

Remember something, not just Palestinians and Israelies are being tested right now, so are you.

I will mention just one example, of what I’m doing with skills I acquired and built. I can build websites. I know how to build them and I have been doing so for decades. I can also write and research. So I took those talents and built This an example of something I’m able to do to tilt the scales of good vs evil.

Whatever skills you have, try to think how you can transform those skills to help spread goodness to tilt the scales of good vs evil. An ocean is many drops all together. Think of it that way. Keep contributing until collectively, it becomes a tsunami.

Now, all the news and soundbytes and cries from Gaza. Just keep one thing in mind.

What you are seeing isn’t just something you watch on a screen. It’s real. It’s trauma. It’s suffering. You can feel it. It also has a predictable pattern. Shock is what you feel first. Once you are past the initial shock, then you will feel sadness, then eventually anger, then eventually some resolve to act.

Act is the step I’m talking about. Act in goodness. Act in the name of the person that will die tonight under evil regimes. Under the bullet, or the bomb. They cannot act. They will die tonight and are passing the baton to you in their passing.

Despite all of this, do your best to not let these atrocities steal your heart and your will and your joy. Evil wants that. If you succumb to anger and revenge, evil wins. Take the high road and spread goodness in any way you can. Remember, Allah is the best of planners. 

God bless to all of you and may Allah protect and give Jahannam to the innocent facing evil every day.